Meet Buddy…

Buddy, Charlie Brown and Esther

This is my buddy, Buddy!  He is a Springer Spaniel, about two years old.  Behind him is his best dog friend, Charlie Brown, and Charlie’s mom, Esther.  Buddy absolutely loves the snow and would bury his head in it looking for whatever imaginary thing he thought might be hiding under it.  This was at Deer Lake north of Spokane with at least two feet of snow on the ground, if not more.  The dogs had fun running around in the snow and Buddy wasn’t ready to leave when we started packing things up to go home and took off for about 30 minutes.  Brat!  After our walks in the snow, Buddy had snowballs attached to his belly and leg hair that had to be left to melt off.  He looked like a snowball himself.

Deer Lake


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  1. I’d like to see what a snowball dog looks like. If you want to see the funniest video of a dog that really really really loves snow, go to You Tube and search for “Bailey the Unknown Reindeer”. You will laugh until it hurts.

    Come by my blog and say, “Hi”. If you like dogs, I have three Chihuahuas.