Damon Road…still closed

Still closed

Damon Road is still closed, but I decided to drive around the barrier last night going home from work.  It was soon evident why the road was still closed.  The county hasn’t been out yet to do any repair work, which is going to be extensive.  There are two places where more than half of the road is washed out.  I don’t know if you can tell it from the photo or not, but this wash-out is at least a foot deep, if not more.  One thing that would help is if the county put in road side ditches instead of allowing the farmers to plant their crops right up to the road’s edge.  Ditches would give the water somewhere to go rather than over the road.  This particular wheat field on the left belongs to a dry-land farmer, who relies strictly on the snow and rain during winter and spring to sustain his crops through summer to harvest.  As you can see, the wheat, which was planted last fall, is starting to green up.  I’m sure he was quite thankful for all the snow we got, but sure makes traveling the roads on his farm difficult.

Oh, and my son commented yesterday that he didn’t like the fuzzy edges of the photos, even though one of the definitions of vignette is that of a photograph or image that shades off gradually into the background.  We’ll try it without the fading and see if anyone complains. 😀


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  1. That looks pretty bad. Almost as bad as one of our California Earthquakes.