Another Old Building

Old Building 3

This is another old building located near the farm – this one in Cunningham, the little community of less than a dozen homes.  I’ve been trying to get a shot of it in the morning when the light is good, but there have been railroad pickups parked directly behind it getting in the way of the shot.  The first day the pickups were gone, the light sucked.



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  1. That is a neat old building. Nothing I have ever seen. Do you know what kind of a building it is?

    I have a bloggy buddy who also takes great pictures. If your’re interested in photography (duh…why did I say that), go over and visit
    Tell them I sent ya! They are really nice people and great photography. They photograph stuff in Kansas.

  2. Thanks, I’ll have to check out that link.

    I don’t know for sure what that building is, but it looks as though somebody might have lived in it. I don’t think you can tell from the photo, but the building isn’t square – it’s kind of rounded. It does have a chimney and on the side that you can’t see is an old electric meter. It is a very interesting building and, if I can get a good side shot of it, you’d see that the building has a definite lean to it.

  3. hoh

    what a precious building
    it’s exceptional
    is this the other side of the one with the tree behind it?
    were you passing through?
    i would love to know it’s history
    do you have a national monuments council that protects buildings like this one?
    [like the national trust in the UK and the national monuments council in south africa]
    i like the light
    i’ve now believe what ever the conditions when i take pics is absolutely perfect
    it’s made such a difference to my anxiety levels!
    why were there trucks parked in the back ground?
    you mentioned that the > railroad pickups parked directly behind it<

  4. Yes, this is the front side of the building that had a tree behind it in the side view shot. I’d love to know the history, too. I asked my boss the other day, but he doesn’t know – it isn’t far from the farm where I work. We do have a National Trust for Historic Preservation — This building is out in the middle of nowhere, so I doubt that anyone would go to the effort of trying to preserve it. The building sits near an abandoned grain elevator, alongside which the railroad runs. With all of the water runoff that we’ve had because of the winter snows, the railroad is doing some routine maintenance on the tracks.

  5. hoh

    why don’t YOU get it protected!!
    it would be brilliant for drawing tourists to your small town/village?
    unless that’s the last thing you all want of course.
    your farm would generate money by selling them food and drink and postcards and momentoes and clay copies of the little house!

    many cities have cottoned on to the fact that if they build a spectacular building it will draw the tourists
    loads of amazing buildings in Madrid, Sydney opera house, Guggenheim gallery!

    soon i will be travelling all over the globe primarily photographing buildings!
    and i would love to see this darling little house
    didn’t you say there is a community of about a hundred people near your farm
    the elders? the church? will definitely know something about it.
    it can’t be allowed to fall apart!
    go for it!
    do you have a graphics package on your pc?
    on my monitor it is a touch dark and a touch flat
    which can be corrected at a touch of a button!
    a touch of contrast and brightness!

    i’m a complete novis at this bogging thing so most of the time i don’t know what i’m doing – so i would like to ask you if you can get to my blogg when you click on my name?
    do let me know pls when you get some time
    all the best to you
    it’s the start of autumn here – was just getting to grips with summer
    i’m in cape town south africa
    autumn i think is the most amazing time of the year
    but there’s a sadness in it too for me – i think it’s the leaves falling off!

  6. hoh

    just incase you ‘d like to know what time of the day i just sent you my comment
    it’s 11:05 AM ! 5th march
    a glorious day
    very little wind so i’ts going to get very very hot
    31 c

  7. This little ole building is at the edge of a little itty bitty community of less than a dozen homes, where I DON’T live. The two little homes closest to it that people actually live in look almost as bad. People have to drive a distance off of the main highway to get here and the closest town is 30 miles away. The farm I work for is not that kind of farm and too far from the old building to sell folks food and drink. We’re not a little mom and pop farm that grows vegetables and has a fruit and veggie stand during summer, but rather big and selective in what we grow – raising what the ground out there will support, which isn’t much because of a lack of water.

    I tweaked the brightness/contrast – you were right. Thanks.

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