Old building, part two

Old Building, Two

This is a side view of yesterday’s old building.  As you can see, it has a definite lean to it.  I did a little more Photoshopping on this one and the colors are better.  It was such an overcast day, but today we have sunshine!



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3 responses to “Old building, part two

  1. hoh

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah what a sweetie!
    is that a bush growing on the roof?
    did you take any closeups
    was someone living there?
    where is it? which continetnt or country!?
    this is the only weired thing about blogging one never knows where the blogger is

  2. Nah, that bush on the roof is really a tree on the other side of the building. No closeups, the building is on private property and i didn’t want to trespass, especially when there were witnesses about. 🙂 This is located in eastern Washington state.

  3. Nick

    I’d like to see this in B&W.