Locust tree trunk

Locust tree trunk

This tree trunk is in my back yard.  I just noticed the other day the vertical ribbing.  How long has it been like that?  I don’t have a clue. It didn’t start out that way.  I like the texture of the trunk, too.  I’m all about texture these days.  The horizontal markings on the bark with the vertical ribbing makes for a study in contrasts.  I find it interesting.



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3 responses to “Locust tree trunk

  1. When my Ex wanted to learn photography, my son gave her
    an excercise:
    “You have 400 yards from the bus stop to
    your office. Take a roll (24) of pictures during that walk.”

    Photography is about seeing things, paying attention,
    Just like you did with the tree trunk.


  2. That’s a good exercise, Lauri. I took the equivalent of a roll of film in my backyard the other day. It is amazing what you see if you just pay attention to your surroundings. My camera goes with me everywhere.

  3. i came from the link on your post yesterday toni and i love the exercise that lauri suggested here!!! it is a beautiful tree and i can see it is getting tall enough for you to walk under for sure 🙂