Old building, part three

Old building, front view in B & W

Old building in B & W

My son made the request to see this old building in black and white, so here you go Hun.  These two shots were taken on different days.  The top, front view shot was taken on a blue sky day, whereas the side view photo was taken on an overcast day.  I like these in black and white – it takes you back to a different era.  What say you, Nick??



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3 responses to “Old building, part three

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  2. Nick

    I like em. Did you take any long shots or are they all closely framed like these?

  3. The side view was a longer shot, but both had to be cropped pretty tightly because of their surroundings. Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier, it got caught as spam. Hopefully it won’t do that again.