Happy Birthday, Erik!

Erik’s birthday pie.

My baby boy’s birthday is today.  No, I didn’t forget about it and in fact called him earlier today and sang “Happy Birthday” to him.  Made  him laugh, so that was worth it, but I’m not sure if he was laughing because I was singing to him or because I was singing to him badly.  He is a quarter of a century old today.  Man, I’m feeling old.  Erik’s delivery was totally different than his brother’s, which I posted about.  We went to the hospital and they sent us home, only to return a short time later.  Nick’s delivery was a breeze, but Erik’s was not.  It was quite painful and the nurses kept asking me to keep my screams of agony down to a minimum because I was scaring the woman in the next delivery room.  We’ve had our moments of tribulation, but I’m extremely proud of the man he is turning out to be.  Erik is a sous chef and if you ever get to Coeur d’Alene, stop in at Brix Restaurant and tell them Erik’s mom sent you.  You won’t get anything because of it, but tell ’em anyway.


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