Spring flowers…

Spring Flower

I happened to catch a glimpse of these little flowers out of my bosses office window.  I went traipsing through the landscape after work yesterday to snap some pics.  They are really cute, about the size of a crocus, but not a crocus.  They were hard to photograph, because all of their little heads were drooping towards the ground.  I’m not sure if they would react differently if the sun were shining there – it is heavily shaded on that side of the building.  Anyway, I thought they were cute.  If you know what they are, please let me know.  I’m feeling very ignorant since we moved to this office.  I’m fairly knowledgeable about flowers, but I’m not familiar with what is planted there.



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  1. Hi Toni, I think it is a hellebore, there heads hang naturally and they don’t work as a cut flower, but try picking one head (shhhh we won’t tell) and floating it in a bowl of water, then you can snap away to your hearts content at it’s pretty little face 🙂

  2. See, nezza has some shots here

  3. Thanks, UHDD! I took a look at nezza’s shots and mine is definitely a hellebore – just a different variety. Good idea about floating one in a bowl of water. I’ll have to go pick one. It looks to be a quiet day at the office, so I’ll have plenty of opportunity to do that. 🙂