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Pheasant feather ball

When we moved into our new office, there wasn’t a lot of decor to bring with us.  Let me rephrase that.  There was NO decor to bring with to the new office.  There didn’t need to be – we were out in the middle of nowhere, on the farm.  Very few visitors and the few we had didn’t care what the office looked like.  We’re in town now, in a very nice office.  The boss’ wife is slowly adding her decorative touches.  The conference table, which has sat empty for a few weeks, now has a gorgeous bowl on it filled with various balls.  Some are made of twigs, some are moss covered, but the ones that caught my eye are the ones covered with pheasant feathers.  They are very cool.  Monday will bring the new furniture for the waiting room…and we have been waiting. 🙂


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  1. Elizabeth

    oh wow – that is neat!