Flowering Crabapple

Flowering crabapple

I’ve been sitting here trying to think of a clever title and something clever to say about the photo.  I got nothing.



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5 responses to “Flowering Crabapple

  1. Elizabeth

    even crabapples make you you smile every so often. heh.

  2. Elizabeth

    and by every, I meant ever.

  3. It never fails, as soon as I hit the submit button I find a typo.

  4. These are beautiful! Thanks for leaving a comment on my photo blog the other day. I just started it May 1st. Looks like you’ve had yours for a while.

  5. Thanks, Amy. I really like your photos and added you to my blogroll (and Elizabeth, too). Unfortunately with this theme, there are no widgets, so no blogroll. I hope they change that.