The lowly magpie…

Juvenile Magpie

I took this photo of a juvenile magpie yesterday at work.  He/she was hopping around under the bushes and squawking up a storm as I was leaving for the day.  I looked around and saw it, not five feet away from me.  It definitely was not afraid of me at all and was curiously watching me. 

Reminds me of a time a few years ago when I was taking the trash out and heard a squawk.  I looked around and didn’t see anything, and then I heard it again…at my feet.  I looked down and there was this adult magpie just a couple of feet away.  I said, “Why, hello there.”  It hopped closer.  I took a couple steps back.  It hopped closer.  I stepped back.  It hopped closer and I started heading towards the door with this damn bird chasing me.  During the chase, I was running circles around the yard, trying to lose the bird, and eventually ran across the street, stopping on my neighbor’s front steps.  They were at the door watching this hilarity and having a good laugh at my expense.  During my brief stop I found out that the magpie had tried getting in their house a little earlier.  The magpie didn’t let me stay there for more than a few seconds and I soon found it headed straight for me.  I think I cut through the neighbors bushes and made a beeline for my front door.  I turned to close the door and the magpie was close behind.  It would have been one for America’s Funniest Home Videos.  In fact the neighbors said they wished they had a video camera.  I was glad they didn’t.



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2 responses to “The lowly magpie…

  1. Elizabeth

    if I was the neighbor, I probably would’ve ran for my camera – that would be hilarious!

  2. I would have grabbed my camera, too. It was so completely embarrassing, I was grateful they didn’t have one. If I hadn’t closed the door when I did, that bird would have flown in the house, he was that close behind me.