Another look…

Lonely stream, different view

Thought I’d post a different shot of the lonely stream that I posted a few days ago.  The first had a pretty tight crop on it so that you mostly saw just the green of the grass along the stream.  It was a little deceptive as to the reality of area and you get a better idea of what it actually looks like with this photo.  This area is pretty much desert.  If it wasn’t for the irrigation water from the canal system, there would be no farms and this stream wouldn’t exist.  Well, I shouldn’t say there would be no farms – there would be nothing but dryland farmers raising wheat, instead of the varied crops such as potatoes, corn, alfalfa, etc., that are able to be grown because of the water.



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2 responses to “Another look…

  1. Elizabeth

    the green of the grass is amazing!

  2. Well, I had to do a little Photoshop tweaking, it was a little flat. The grass was really that green, though, and the stuff around it really was that brown!