The Lily of the Valley


Charles G. D. Roberts (1860-1943)


DID Winter, letting fall in vain regret

A tear among the tender leaves of May,

Embalm the tribute, lest she might forget,

In this elect, imperishable way?


Or did the virgin Spring sweet vigil keep

In the white radiance of the midnight hour,

And whisper to the unwondering ear of Sleep

Some shy desire that turned into flower?



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4 responses to “The Lily of the Valley

  1. morningjoy

    How beautiful! I love lilly of the valley and miss them dearly.

    I like the contrast between the wood fence, lush leaves, and pristine flowers.

  2. Elizabeth

    that fence is really neat. It almost looks artistic, the way every other board is grey and white.

  3. mudranch

    Excellent contrast and love the colors in the wood… sets off the flowers gorgeously!