Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown

Meet Charlie Brown.  This is Buddy’s best friend and they hadn’t seen each other in quite a while.  Charlie and family used to live just around the corner, but they moved to the opposite side of town a couple of months ago, so they haven’t had any play dates lately.    Buddy was so excited to see Charlie last night that his whole body was wagging in excitement.  Charlie lives with two other dogs that he doesn’t really get to play with, because they are a little bit mean towards him – he just kinda avoids them as best he can.   They were with their dad when we got there, thankfully.   When they came home they were kenneled, because neither one of them like Buddy.  At all.  Buddy and Charlie had fun playing and the other two settled down after being sprayed with water a few times.  Water is a very good training tool, if you haven’t tried it.



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2 responses to “Charlie Brown

  1. Elizabeth

    awwwww .. what a cutie! He matches the carpet.

  2. Charlie is a cutie. He’s a big sweet lovable bear.