Favorite things, part two

Brush strokes

This is a close up of an oil painting my son did as a Christmas present a couple of years ago — a still life of a pear.  I love the painting and love the brush strokes. 

He wasn’t quite done with it when he brought it for Christmas and he finished it while he was here.  We set it on a card table in a spare bedroom to dry and closed the door to keep the cat out.  Christmas came and went and he headed back home.  About an hour after he left I needed something from the bedroom and went in and out really quickly to get it, closing the door both ways to make sure the cat didn’t come in after me.  A few minutes later I put away whatever it was that I went in to get and found the cat.  Standing on top of the painting!!  Sneaky kitty.  She jumped down quickly, leaving a trail of little kitty paw prints all over the carpeting.  And in a panic about all the paw prints on the painting, I called my son and he turned around to come fix it.  He made a stop before leaving town and, thankfully, wasn’t too far down the road.  The painting is as good as new, the paint is out of the carpet, and kitty survived to see another day.



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2 responses to “Favorite things, part two

  1. Elizabeth

    I like the colors

  2. Interesting story! I like the texture, too. Those cats… mine is trying to climb on my keyboard just now…