Another favorite thing…


Meet Kitty.  Actually her name is officially Serendipity, or Dipity for short, but she never gets called either one of those.  Usually it is Little Girl or Kitty.  Buddy has her so scared that she lives in my bathroom and adjoining closet.  Even when I kicked Buddy out of the house so she could come out and play, she wouldn’t venture further than the bedroom door before turning around and heading for her sanctuary.  She’s a beauty and has a mind of her own.  She’s a cat, of course she has a mind of her own.



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2 responses to “Another favorite thing…

  1. Elizabeth

    what a great close-up! Atlas would love her!

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. Buddy loves her too. Unfortunately he loves to chase her and corner her and bark like crazy at her. Really he just wants to play, but he is just so boisterous that it scares her.