Fun at the beach…

Girl at Lake Coeur d\'Alene

…the beach at Lake Coeur d’Alene, that is.  My friend, Monika, and I spent an enjoyable day hanging out in Coeur d’Alene.  First we stopped at the gallery I’m in to drop off a new piece, then it was lunch at Brix Restaurant where my son and his roommate joined us.  It is so nice to be taken care of when we go there – one nice perk to having my son as their sous chef.  We took a lovely walk along the lake’s beachfront, with a stop in the park to listen to a free concert of Irish music, which made Monika feel at home (she lived in Ireland for a while).  Stopped in at a few other galleries downtown and that pretty much made our day.  Good food, good conversation…what more could you ask for?  This little girl was having a lot of fun splashing at the lakes edge.



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2 responses to “Fun at the beach…

  1. Elizabeth

    love the blues of the water and her brightly colored swimsuit!

  2. It was fun to stop and watch her. She was having a great time splashing in the water. Her little brother was playing there, too, and they both looked so cute.