Spokane River

Spokane River

Monika, Peggy and I went for a scenic drive after the Glass Quilt Collaboration Project unveiling and made a stop at the swinging bridge in Riverside State Park.  Really interesting rock formations.



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2 responses to “Spokane River

  1. Your photography efforts appeared on my desktop just now, as a result in some online alerts I have for keywords and phrases my website uses online. I just want to say, I love your efforts at photography, and your obvious dedication to try and do something every day.

    Most of my work is at or after sunset, and it is always fun for me to see a wide variety of targets. You are very diverse in your targeting, and I hope you continue doing it. So, I hope you take my comments as a pat on the back for your past work, as well as encouragement to keep up your photography.

    Very nice to see your photos.


    John D. Moore, CPP
    Spokane Night scenes

  2. Thank you for the kind words of encouragement! As in my work in glass, I’m still trying to find my voice in photography.

    I’ll have a couple more Spokane postings over the next two days (and maybe more). If you get a chance, stop in at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital and check out the Glass Quilt on the third floor at the NICU. 🙂