Portland rocks!


I spent a few days in Portland last week and had a great time.  There were some glass demos and lectures that I went to, and met a lot of wonderful people.  I also went to the Bullseye Glass Resource Center and got some supplies with a gift card that I received from the Glass Quilt group of artists.  That rocked!!  I really like Portland, once the pickup is parked and I can walk to where I need to go.  Downtown Portland has one way streets, so it’s just easier to park and walk. 



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2 responses to “Portland rocks!

  1. Elizabeth

    I’m glad you had fun! That is a really neat building; I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen it.

  2. I had a blast! I’m going to have to come back again, real soon. The building is on Broadway, on the corner a block south of Salmon St. – a theatre building that I can’t remember the name of.