Bettison hard at work

Giles Bettison is my all time favorite glass artist.  While I was in Portland this past weekend I was able to watch him give a demo of a rollup – the famous Australian rollup.  Bettison is from Australia, by the way.  It was a fascinating process to watch.  This piece started out as a whole bunch of little 1/2″ squares of murrine (that’s the size that it looked like from a distance, anyway), all lined up on something that they could roll into the glory hole.  Once it is hot enough it is picked up by rolling it onto a collar [that round glass piece at the end of the punty (I hope that’s what that thing is called – I’m not a blower so not really familiar with all their tools)].  Then they keep taking it in and out of the glory hole, squeezing the sides together until it is completely joined and seamless.  It’s pretty cool.  Another picture of the process tomorrow.

[Edited to add]  I had to change the title of this post.  It seems there are a lot of searches for a glory hole blog and this post isn’t about that type of glory hole!


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