A weekend in Seattle

Pike Place Public Market

I spent the weekend in Seattle with some friends from Nebraska.  It was great seeing Tim and Marla again – hadn’t seen them in about 10 1/2 years.  Way too long, but it was like we had just seen each other the day before – really easy reconnecting again.  My son and his girlfriend joined us Friday night for dinner and then they acted as tour guides on Saturday, showing us Seattle.  Of course I’d been there before, but it sure made it easier getting around when you have someone who lives there doing the driving.  I gave my GPS a workout on Friday, though, before they joined us.  My Blackberry has GPS on it – now how cool is that?  I think there are two landmarks that are synonymous with Seattle – the Space Needle and Pike Place Market.  That place is so much fun.  Expect more Seattle photos over the next few days.



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2 responses to “A weekend in Seattle

  1. Elizabeth

    I hope you have a photo of the space needle! I still have yet to see it myself, and I’ve even been to seattle more than once. sheesh ..

  2. Definitely a must see, Elizabeth! Special posting just for you. 🙂