Something fishy’s going on here…

Fish market at Pike Place

There are a couple of fish markets at Pike Place Market.  One of them has flying fish – when a customer picks out a fish it gets tossed from guy to guy before it gets wrapped.  They always have a big crowd gathered around to watch, blocking the aisle, so they are constantly asking spectators to move in.  I’m sure their neighboring vendors don’t like them much, but they are fun to watch.  If you get to Pike Place Market make sure you stop.  And don’t block the aisle.



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3 responses to “Something fishy’s going on here…

  1. Elizabeth

    they are fun to watch! I’ve tried a few times to get a photo, but never got one that was worth keeping.

  2. My son had a friend over this week and he’s looking forward to their annual visit to Seattle in August. He said, “We’ll spend loads of time at the fish market.” I had no clue, so thanks for this visual.

  3. This particular fish vendor isn’t the one with the flying fish – that one always has too many people around to get a photo!