Smoky sunset

Hwy 17  Sunset

We can thank a fire on some Yakama tribal timber land near Mt. Adams and all the resulting smoke in the air for a gorgeous sunset a couple nights ago.  Yesterday morning the fire was only 5% contained and it started on Saturday from a lightning strike.  The fire crews are trying to keep the fire from getting to the tribe’s commercial timber.  Right now with all the smoke in the air, we can’t even see Mt. Adams.  Hope they get it contained soon. 

And, yes, that is Yakama with an “a”, which is how the Yakama Indian Reservation is spelled, as opposed to Yakima with an “i”, which is how the City of Yakima is spelled.



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2 responses to “Smoky sunset

  1. Elizabeth

    that is gorgeous!

    though I do hope the fire is contained soon.

  2. As of this morning is was 30% contained. Hopefully they’ll make progress over the weekend.