A rose and a spider – desaturated.




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7 responses to “Spidey

  1. Elizabeth

    Oooh – I like this.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. 🙂

  3. I loved the contrast of the honeybee color and desaturation with just a slight blush of color. And I even was okay with the other spider. However, I must confess that this one totally creeps me out! LOL. But it’s a very powerful photo nonetheless to give me such a visceral reaction to it (and to have me contemplating the whole “beauty touched by evil … or IS the spider evil” thing). Good work. ;o)

  4. Too funny, Kazou! Maybe I should have titled it Beauty and the Beast. 🙂

  5. I like the monochrome nature of this pic. Beautiful!

  6. cindydyer

    I like it, too, Toni! Pretty unusual effect!

  7. Thanks! I was just so tired of bright pink that I had to desaturate a couple of the photos. Thanks for stopping by.