My backyard clematis

I have a clematis planted in my back yard, which grows along the chain link fence separating a corner of my yard from an empty lot.  That corner of the lot catches all the tumbling tumble weeds growing there.  I’ve got some wisteria growing on the same chain link section, plus a couple of birch trees in the corner, all helping to mask those ugly tumble weeds.  I had actually thought the clematis died last year and was happy to see it blossoming again this spring. Yay!!



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3 responses to “My backyard clematis

  1. Elizabeth

    oh – I would love to have flowers this color growing in my yard. gorgeous!

  2. They are really easy to grow, Elizabeth. They just need shade at the base of the plant and sun on the vine part. I practically ignore this thing and it is still growing.

  3. I tried to grow Clematis a few years ago and failed miserably. I carefully chose a spot with a shady base and against a sunny wall (so the plant proper would get sun) but … pththththtpppp. Apparently they need water as well as a shaded base. ;o)