Lousy photo, cool story

This litte bird was a rescued bird yesterday.  My son and his girlfriend are home this weekend for my son’s ten year class reunion and they were helping me out with some yard work.  My son was examining a tree that he wants to move, an seven foot tall, skinny spruce type tree.  A bird had built a nest in there this spring and apparently one of it’s babies, this one, got it’s foot caught in the nesting material and it must have fallen out of the nest or tried to fly off and couldn’t, because it’s foot was all tangled up in the nest.  The poor little thing was hanging there upside down and scared.  My son’s girlfriend put on a pair of gloves, stepped on a step stool and got the little guy out of the tree.  They had to work a bit to get the stuff off of his leg using tweasers and nose hair scissors – underneath it all his poor little foot was pretty mangled up.  It must have been caught in the nest for quite a while and atrophied.  Once they got him completely free, they let him go and he flew off into my bedding plants against the house, where he stayed for a little while.  He’s gone now, so hopefully he’s okay.



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2 responses to “Lousy photo, cool story

  1. Elizabeth

    Oh – poor little bird. It must’ve been so happy to be free finally. I hope he’s ok.

  2. Neat story… sometimes a picture is worth writing a thousand words about. 🙂