Buddy got a haircut

Buddy got a haircut this weekend, courtesy of my son’s girlfriend, although you can’t see it in this photo.  He had some very shaggy feet – the hair between his toes grows very long and he  looks like a Clydesdale.  His legs are all trimmed up, too.  He got to keep his mohawk, though.  One of these days I’m going to mousse it and take a picture of him.



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3 responses to “Buddy got a haircut

  1. Elizabeth

    he looks so cute and fluffy. The hair between Atlas’ toes is long, I just noticed! I’m starting to wonder if I am supposed to do something about it.

  2. When my son’s GF was cutting out the hair between the toes, she found little cheat grass stickers caught in the hair. It would probably be a good idea to keep it trimmed up a bit.