100 degrees, that is.  I told myself the last time that it got to 100° that I would post a snow photo next time it reached triple digits.  It did yesterday!  This shot was taken at dusk and the photos all came out with a great blue cast to it.  I could have adjusted the levels, but I kinda liked it the way it is.



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3 responses to “100!

  1. Elizabeth

    I love the blue tones too.

    Today was the first day since Thursday that we didn’t have triple digits. Thank goodness. I hope you’re getting cooler weather now too!

  2. Snow! A little bit of that does look fun, though I’m more of a warm weather person. We’ve been having unusually perfect weather… low 80’s during the day and 50’s at night, low humidity. It’s unheard of to open up the house in August, but here we are, no air conditioning!

  3. It was triple digits all weekend. My son and his GF were here helping me finish up some landscaping on Saturday and it was so dang hot! Not the best time to be working hard in the heat. It is supposed to cool down this week, though.