Buddy has a new brother

Meet Buster.  He arrived Friday to our household and, after a little bit of a rocky start, Buddy and Buster have been getting along famously.  My coworker gave me Buster because he wasn’t working out in his home for some reason and it wasn’t working for the other person to whom he gave Buster, prior to me.  Apparently her dog wasn’t adjusting to having Buster in the house.  Yay me!

Buster is a Boston Terrier and about seven months old, needs to be neutered – soon, and has these bug eyes that go in different directions.  Everybody else thinks he’s ugly, but I think he’s cute.  Of course I got to see him when he was a little pup, so that probably helps.  Memories, don’tcha know.  I think I might be crazy for adopting him, and my friend wasn’t home to talk me out of it, so it is all his fault if this goes badly.  Did I mention he snorts?  A lot.  Buster, not the friend.



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2 responses to “Buddy has a new brother

  1. Elizabeth

    A puppy! Yay! I expect you’ll have lots of fun photos of the two of them. 🙂

    I’d have a house full of weims if I could.

  2. Buster has a lot of testosterone and keeps trying to hump Buddy. Buddy for the most part is very patient and tolerant, but when he’s had enough he lets Buster know it, in no uncertain terms. Buster was relentless this morning! I’m afraid any pictures right now would be of Buddy trying to shake loose Buster!! 😛