I need a title

I can’t thing of a thing to title this post.  It has been sitting here without a title for over two hours.  I’ve eaten, fed the dogs, made a batch of cupcakes, all without coming up with a thing.  In case you can’t tell, this is a sunflower that hasn’t bloomed yet.  Maybe something about bloomers…hmmmm…



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7 responses to “I need a title

  1. “Danger Will Robinson, Danger”. OK, I am dating myself, but it could work………….

  2. Umm, I don’t get it and I’m older than you!! Ha! 🙂

  3. kazou

    Oh! I like the Lost in Space quote! (Toni, the quote comes from an old TV show called “Lost in Space.” The Robinson family was lost in space and each time they came upon a foreign life form the family robot would wave his arms up and down and say robotically: “Danger, Will Robinson. Danger!”) As for a title, I’m stumped. It almost reminds me of one of those detailed patterned Escher drawings — except the more you look, you never find the visual “trick” Escher includes. I guess you could call it a fractal, which is defined as “curves or surfaces generated by some repeated process resulting in self-similarity.” I know there are a lot of computer generated fractals with repeating patterns. ?? Good luck!

  4. kazou

    How about Nature’s Fractal?

  5. I like that, Kazou! I was thinking something really prosaic like Late Bloomer. We’ll go with yours!!

  6. Elizabeth

    I like kazou’s idea. To me, it rather looks like an artichoke!

  7. Yeah, it does kinda look like an artichoke, doesn’t it? I think Nature’s Fractal is a good title for it.