Not a contender, but not bad

I’ve spent the last few days reviewing my photos, trying to select four of the best to enter into our local art show this weekend.  I narrowed it down to eight and asked the opinion of a couple of friends of mine – one a professional photographer and one a glass friend.  I had a photo of wheat, a stream, an old building and the rest were of flowers.  My photographer friend picked the wheat and three of the flower photos and my other friend said he preferred the scenic and architectural photos.  Well I had the eight printed and picked them up last night.  The wheat photo looked a tad out of focus, as did one of the flower photos my photog friend picked so I eliminated those straight away.  Then I just started eliminating photos based on what I perceived to be flaws.  I think I ended up with three strong contenders and one that’s okay.  It is amazing what a difference there is when looking at a photo on screen as opposed to printed and in the flesh. We’ll see what happens.



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2 responses to “Not a contender, but not bad

  1. Elizabeth

    I hope you share your picks!

    I really love this one. I’d print this one and that red daisy with a black background (I think you were using linear light) in 8×10 and frame them and hang them above my desk for inspiration when the day grows dreary. 🙂

  2. I’ll post a composite tomorrow of the final four, but I’m thinking of changing out one of them with something else. I’m such a dingbat! I had the wrong weekend – it is NEXT weekend, so I have time to change my mind.
    Thank you for the compliment!! I can send you some high res files, if you want. 🙂