Art show composite

These are the photos that I’ve selected for the art show, however I’m thinking about replacing the old building and the black and white mums.  The old building looks over saturated – I don’t know if that was the fault of the printing process or if I over did it on contrast.  The B&W mums should actually be landscape rather than portrait, but I screwed up with signing the mat.  I’ll probably just buy a new mat since I have additional time.

The photos that were eliminated straight away were the wheat and daisy with blue bug photos.  They looked a tad out of focus.  Still in the running were the lily of the valley against the fence and the sunflower with bee – those two are printed and ready to go.  Or maybe yesterday’s sunflower or the untitled/newly titled sunflower.  Or a photo of Buddy’s nose and tongue or Buster and his tongue.  Those would need to be printed at the local photo lab next week, but there’s time if I go that route.  Any opinions would be most welcomed!!



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4 responses to “Art show composite

  1. Elizabeth

    are you looking for the four best, or four good ones that also look good together?

    I think the mums look good either vertical or horizontal; you may not need to re-mat. I actually like both Buddy’s nose and the artichoke (tee-hee) better than the orange flower. And I like the barn, but I’m not quite sure what you mean by over-saturated (technical stuff still confuses me) so you could be right. I just happen to like the coloring of it.

    they’re all good, though – they will be enjoyed I’m sure!

  2. I’m looking for the four best, that would have the most overall appeal. The barn’s colors when printed look too strong – that’s what I mean by over saturated. The colors are stronger than what this photo looks like. I think I do like the artichoke flower better than the lily, too. It’s different and a little more interesting, I think. What’s not to like about Buddy’s nose?? 😛 Thanks for weighing in on this, Elizabeth. It helps.

  3. I like all of these, and especially in the arrangement you have them here. Good luck with your show.

  4. Thanks, Amy. Each photo will be indivually matted and framed. Fingers crossed!