My friend said the other day that he prefers the scenic shots, so this one is for him.  This coulee is located just a few miles outside of the town in which I live, on one of the drives to and from work.  I hardly ever take this particular route, however, since this stretch of highway is pretty dangerous.  (Note to Mom:  I usually take backroads to a different highway that is much safer to drive.)  You can see the sagebrush in the foreground, with the water and cattails running through the gulley, and the sagebrush again.  If you have a good eye, you can make out the farm ground up on top.  If it weren’t for the irrigation system (from irrigation districts or deep wells), this whole area would be sagebrush.



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6 responses to “Coulee

  1. Not a bad view as you drive into work. Look how green it is around the water and then when you get a few feet from it, it gets brown very quickly.

  2. I like scenery shots, too. It’s the closeups that get the most attention, but I love the feel of the country that a landscape photo gives. Coulees… I’ve never lived where there were coulees. Cool!

  3. Christopher, that’s the way it is here. Eastern Washington is actually considered desert, so where there is water it is green. Where there isn’t, brown.
    Amy, coulee is such a fun word! 😀

  4. Elizabeth

    what is a coulee? I’ve never heard the word before.

    that is gorgeous! I have shots from southern Idaho that have similar sagebrush. I loved it.

  5. E – according to a coulee is a “1 a: a small stream b: a dry streambed c: a usually small or shallow ravine : gully” Basically a stream that runs through a gully. This area definitely has a beauty of its own and it grows on you. Until you get tired of it! Ha!! Kidding.

  6. Elizabeth

    ah – thanks!