Milkweed seeds

The seed of the common milkweed looks like a giant version of a dandelion seed, made to be carried away on the wind…to foul up someone else’s property.  The seed pod looks pretty cool, though.

Edit:  I read this post this morning after it posted, and I must have been tired and grumpy when I wrote this, which was late last night.   This particular milkweed is the common milkweed, which as the name implies, is a weed found along side crops and in road ditches.  There are milkweed plants that are raised, which flowers attract butterflies.  This is not that milkweed.



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4 responses to “Milkweed seeds

  1. Ditto! and beautiful DOF as well. Here’s to more milkweed weeds come some small breeze…

  2. Elizabeth

    Oh – I absolutely love this one, the detail is incredible! Wondering what the cone-like thing is in the top though. A seed?

  3. Thanks everyone!
    E – that is actually the seed pod. Once the seed are ready, the pod dries out and opens up, releasing the seed that is inside, which is what you see below.