Second place ribbon

This old building photo got second place in its category at the local art show held yesterday.  First place went to a person with a sunset shot in Hawaii that had a tree in the foreground.  It was a cool photo and deserved the award. 

The public gets an opportunity to vote for a people’s choice award over all the categories, which includes the traditional oil paintings, water colors, etc.  They also have a “soft” category which includes quilts and sewn pieces. 

I was there at the end when the organizers were counting the votes.  The people voted for a quilt, which was beautiful, but the organizers gave it to a different person that they wanted to win – they were stuffing the ballots right in front of me.  I said out loud “that’s just wrong”, but they ignored me.  That’s small town for you.  It gets kind of frustrating at times.  I’d write a letter to the editor, but one of the organizers of the art show works at the two-person local newspaper.  Oh well.



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5 responses to “Second place ribbon

  1. Elizabeth

    Congrats! I’m glad they loved the photo too; I just love the reds.

    Argh – that is wrong. I’m surprised they were able to do it in front of someone.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth!
    Yeah, my jaw dropped when they did it. I couldn’t believe it.

  3. well this is such a lovely old barn, all ramshackle and worn out. must be hard work being a barn! i especially love the foreground of bent grasses. it adds subtle interest to an already compelling image. I found you via john maslowski’s site, Sirius2 Photography, and thought i recognized that fantastic blog name and then i saw elizabeth’s comment and realized i had seen you there too! nice to meet you 🙂

  4. hmmm…. although i like the name of your blog just fine i think i got your blog name confused with another one… Phototherapy… i recognize your name, “Toni” from elizabeth’s and John’s sites..

  5. Thanks, Robin! When I first started the blog, I was doing vignettes with the edges fading into the background, but my son found it very distracting so I stopped. I just recently found John’s site and he does beautiful work. Elizabeth’s site is always fun to see what she’s going to post. I hope you come back!