Out come the politicians

This weekend was our local Fall Festival.  Activities include the art show that I participated in, carnival rides, a livestock show and sale, other activities, along with the parade.  Now keep in mind this is a very small town.  We had four floats from other communities, which was the most we’ve had in a while.  Along with the floats came a plethora of policitans – some riding in cars and others, such as this one pictured here, getting a little more creative.  I’m not completely sure what this piece of equipment is – kind of looks like a steam engine tractor.  The front of it reads, “Port Huron – Engine & Thresher Co., Port Huron, Mich.”



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3 responses to “Out come the politicians

  1. Hey now that is so awesome! What guy would not want that in their backyard!

  2. Yeah, looks like a man toy! My mom just confirmed – it is an old steam engine tractor. Thanks, Mom!

  3. Elizabeth

    much better than the typical riding-in-a-car that politicians do!