Late night

It was a late night last night.  I went to see one of my sons who had been home this past weekend.  When he left, he left behind his cell phone charger.  Kids these days don’t have land lines and his cell phone was dead so he was without phone.  Dutiful mom that I am, I took his charger to him (since I forgot to mail it to him).  It was a good excuse to eat at the restraunt where he is executive chef.  His first official menu went into effect on Wednesday so I had to check it out.  Excellent!!  The place was packed so I sat at the bar.  Seated next to me was one of the regulars and we had a nice chat.  He had nice things to say about my son.  That’s always good to hear!  None of this has anything to do with straw.



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6 responses to “Late night

  1. As I am reading this, I keep waiting for the story to tie into the photo. I just laughed at the end. Very funny!

  2. Umm…I came home and hit the hay? 🙂

  3. LOL, very nice straw, many an English farmer would covert that this year.
    It’s always nice to hear nice things about your boy! Mine has just come home from school and planted a big kiss on my cheek 🙂

  4. Elizabeth

    straw is made from hay and hay is grown like wheat and wheat is used by chefs?


  5. Is that one of those six degrees of separation?? But with only three degrees?

  6. Elizabeth

    exactly 🙂