Bambi and his mom

My coworkers and I were taking a farm tour last week and as we were driving down the highway one of them spotted some deer in someone’s circle corner of trees.  These were white tail deer and we typically have mule deer in this area, so the one coworker was excited about that.  Bambi up there has a twin that was hiding behind some of the trees.  These particular trees are a poplar hybrid, grown for the pulp mills.  They are rapid growing and, if memory serves, are ready for harvest in about six or seven years.  The deer must have been there again a few days later – there was a car pulled over with a guy, a camera and a very long lens.  Hopefully his shots were better than mine.



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2 responses to “Bambi and his mom

  1. Elizabeth

    awwww .. fun! That reminds me – I was hiking in the woods behind a friend’s relative’s property this spring. Atlas was with me. We were coming up out of the woods into the fields and I could see a deer in the field. Atlas perked up when he saw it, and we walked towards it quietly. The deer stood still. I was so excited! It wasn’t until I told the gal who was hiking with us why I was so excited that she pointed out it wasn’t a real deer; it was a statue. LOL.

  2. Every time I see a deer, he runs off before I get my camera out. I guess that is a good lesson to always be ready!