The Slope

This is a continuation of the photos taken when we did the farm tour last week – taken from inside a pickup traveling about 60 mph.  I was not driving, just so you know.  The foreground is a bit blurred and that’s after cropping off the worst of it.  This area is the Royal Slope in eastern Washington.  The state has a lot of mountains, but the mountains in our area are treeless.  This line of mountains goes on for miles – roughly 40 of them from Othello to the Columbia River.



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3 responses to “The Slope

  1. Elizabeth

    I love the blue of the sky above the mountains. I saw that sight across the Columbia when I was driving east towards eastern Oregon last fall – very dry but pretty.

  2. Actually it wasn’t this range that you saw, Elizabeth. I think part of what you saw was Horse Heaven Hills by the Tri-Cities, but there is a lot more to that range than that. Royal Slope is about 50-60 miles north of the Columbia.

  3. Glad you were not driving. I have tried to take those kind of shots while driving. A very stupid thing to do. My wife is always yelling at me (with reason). I think I need to let her start driving.