Kitty was lucky, she was hiding in the closet during the VP debates.  Actually, that’s where she pretty much stays thanks to Buddy’s constant harrassment.  And she was able to avoid listening to me yelling at the TV, unlike Buddy and Buster.  Poor guys didn’t know what to think.

Why is it so hard to say “nuclear”?  I don’t get it.  Palin’s originally from Idaho.  They talk normal in Idaho.  Again, I don’t get it.  She actually has some strange speach nuances. 

I must say that her aides prepped her really well for the debates, but I was still a bit ticked off that she chose to ignore answering some questions in order to speak about whatever topic suited her.  This was a debate and the purpose of the debate is to answer the questions posed of you.  She didn’t do that.  The VP debates more than likely won’t change whom people select come election time, but it made for some very interesting TV.

My apologies for the political rant.  Normal postings return tomorrow. (smile)



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4 responses to “Nuk-yu-ler

  1. Monika

    Toni, you were not the only one screaming at the TV, quite a few others did so too.
    She made it clear from the beginning that she is not going to adhere to debate principals, but that she is going to do whatever she likes, without any consideration of the consequences. (and if it doesn’t work she is going to blame the media again).
    She only forgot that Joe six pack is watching the Hockey game and not the debate, but they world is watching her, and I don’t think that this debate improved her image, or the image of the USA at all. Unfortunately.
    And (insert any religious or faith based entity) help us, if this party is going to win.

  2. Elizabeth

    I, on the other hand, was quite pleased. Who knew that it was allowable to wink and pose and ignore the topic at hand in order to say whatever I want. I mean, if it’s permitted in a debate, it should be permitted any time. I want to try this during my next presentation at work!

  3. Elizabeth

    you got me all wound up and I forgot what I planned to say – which is that I love this photo! Kitty looks like a tiger!

  4. Monika – Thanks for commenting! I was afraid I scared everybody off with my little political rant. 😛
    Elizabeth – You crack me up! Let me know how that goes at work, will ya! And thanks about Kitty. 🙂