More autumn leaves and Sarah Palin

I read a post yesterday and followed it all day.  When I first read it at 9:00 am, the blog hits were around 3,800.  Last night at 10:00 pm they were over 28,600.  This morning – over 32,900.   The people keep coming.  They keep coming, because what she wrote strikes a chord with people.  Most of the commenters agree wholeheartedly, while others vehemently disagree.  The post in question was written by Helen Philpot, an 82 year old grandmother with an opinion about Sarah Palin.  I highly recommend reading it – click here – Helen tells it like she sees it and I admire that.  I found the link for her post on the SNL website for a Tina Fey spoof on the VP debates – click here for that

Click here for my earlier rant on the VP debates.

And now back to the beauty of the autumn leaves.



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7 responses to “More autumn leaves and Sarah Palin

  1. Toni,

    I am laughing out loud. I was sitting here working and I just saw your post; I was going to ignore it for the moment, but when I saw the headline, I could not help myself.

    My mother (who is 67) told me the same thing about the winking this weekend. She doesn’t get that She asked, why do people think that is cute. It is not she told me.

    I think she and Helen are more then right!

  2. Monika

    Toni, great fall foliage, we don’t see that here in SoCal. Our ‘autumn’ lasted 2 days and the temps are rising again.
    Thanks for the link to ‘Helens’ blog, she sounds like my granny, and yes I like the wisdom of the older generation (I’m not quite there yet – lol -)

  3. Elizabeth

    I read that post the other day and thought it quite apt, except I didn’t like the part about “that may be smart for Alabama”; that seemed rather unfair to Alabama.

  4. Elizabeth – I agree. I winced when I read that, but chalked it up to being the older generation. Helen responded in the comments to a few posts and she apologized (I think) for that comment and said that being from Georgia it’s a saying they have and didn’t mean anything offensive by it.

    Monika – thanks and you’re welcome! I think we both have a ways to go to qualify for the older generation. 🙂

    Christopher – I’m more than happy to provide you a moment of levity. We could all use that.

  5. Dianne

    It was a cute entry on Helen Philpot’s blog. She gets help with it from her grandson so I wonder how much input he had with the content.

    I did notice that it’s the first entry in a year… The last one was posted November 2007.

    But it’s fun to think that she may have come up with the entire blog entry herself. 🙂

  6. Hi Dianne – Thanks for stopping by. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling it was all her own. She replied to several comments and it sure sounds like it was her. I hope so anyway – gives me hope for my future. 😛

  7. I love the autumn colour; it’s my favourite time of year. I was just telling Elizabeth it has just turned spring here but how I secretly look forward to the time the leaves on my trees start turning golden brown. For now I will have to enjoy the beautiful colour through your eyes.