And now moving on…

I’ve got more fall leaves I could post, but I’ve had enough.  Maybe I’ll post some more of them later, but it is time for something different.  These mums are called apricot blush, I believe.  They are the lone apricot colored mums (one plant only) planted at the office.  The area they are in consists of bushes, trees, and a whole bunch of yellow mums, some of which I posted earlier and this lone apricot mum stuck off to the side all by itself.  It looks so out of place and lonely.

Helen Philpot has writen a couple more posts about the upcoming elections.  If you’ll remember, I posted a link to Margaret and Helen’s blog a few days ago.  It is getting a lot of attention, not only because Helen is an 82 year old grandmother, but because she isn’t afraid to call it like she sees it.  Her posts are astute, clever and witty.  And she pokes fun at herself!  What’s not to like?



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5 responses to “And now moving on…

  1. Wow really nice selective focus in this shot. I like how the pink flowers cover the whole photo.

  2. Elizabeth

    I’m not normally a fan of pink but I love this color. Love the focus too.

  3. Hi Toni,
    I normally don’t like ‘mums’ but that color is amazing. On my screen it looks more like a salmon color than pink. And they way you photographed it is exceptional.
    (Makes me long for a new camera.)
    Oh, and I’m going to the nursery to see if I can find them around here.
    Hope you and your kids (2 and 4legged) are doing okay, sending my greetings to Erik. Did he get used to his new responsibilities now?

  4. Hey Monika,

    Your screen would be correct – they are more of a salmon color and very pretty. I’m not a mum person either, but I do like these – probably because they look more like a daisy (my favorite flower) than a traditional mum.
    My four boys (2 human, 2 otherwise) are doing great. I must say, though, that I am down four pair of shoes, one purse and my favorite pair of slippers, thanks to Buster. Plus assorted wicker stuff. He’s teething. I’ll pass your greetings along to Erik. Yes, he slipped into his new role with ease. Good food on the menu, too. 😀