Scootney Reservoir

This shot was taken on the way home from work.  The sun was too high in the sky (taken earlier this summer), so it isn’t a great shot.  Maybe when it gets closer to the time change I can stop and try again.

By the way, Helen Philpot, of Margaret and Helen, has posted again.  Worth a read – click here.



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4 responses to “Scootney Reservoir

  1. Toni, I like the shot. A lot. Not sure why you don’t think it is good. I think it is great. Good color, nice framing, great texture. What is not to like?

  2. Thanks, Christopher. I think the light is a bit harsh on it. I kept looking up at the sun, wishing it would set faster. Ha!! If I can get it a bit later in the evening, it’ll be much softer and warmer, hopefully with a rosy hue.

  3. Elizabeth

    I really like the shot – especially the blues and greens.

  4. It is strange for me to see a reservoir so full. I forget how lovely they look.