Past their prime

Last week when I was filling in at the scale house, waiting on trucks to come through to weigh, I was bored and luckily had my camera with me.  I took photos of flies, Red Vines (licorice), and dead and dying flowers.  We were sharing the scale house with another farm and apparently one of the farm ladies had a birthday and was treated to a bouquet of flowers.  They look like they were pretty at their peak.  Sadly, no longer.



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5 responses to “Past their prime

  1. In my flower shop days, I had to make ‘dead’ flowers to order, for a TV production company we were working for, continuity was a challenge, making sure it was the same flowers as in a previous scene, only dead and then add in to the mix the fact that the episode wasn’t shot in sequential order!

  2. How interesting, Uhdd! That would have been a challenge keeping it straight from scene to scene. That is one thing I usually pick up on – a break in continuity.

  3. Elizabeth

    they look good in b&w though!

  4. The sepia tones really suit this photo. Great shot