I took the photo of these crabapples at the office the other day.  I only got about six shots of the crabapples because the wind was blowing so hard, it was impossible to get a good shot.  Of those taken, this is the only shot that was in focus, and that was because I was holding the branch still with one hand while taking the shot with the other.



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7 responses to “Crabapples

  1. Well I think it was worth your time to take these as this shot came out GREAT! Love the deep red color they look almost like cherries!

  2. I love the red Toni. These are great!

  3. Very nice photo and beautiful color. 🙂

  4. No, my office is not this exciting. I am inspired to take my camera to work this week to see what I can come up with. The good thing is at least photos can not transfer smells. It is very smelly where I work for some reason.

    I love the apples the look so shinny:)

  5. they look like cherries!

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone!