Have you any wool?

No black sheep in this herd that I could see, but there were a few dogs, two of which were out of camera range.  We see here a modern day sheepherder, riding his four wheeler with one of his dogs riding with him.  The herder was more curious about me, I think, wondering why I pulled over to take pictures of sheep of all things.  Through sign language (I was too lazy and the highway too busy to get out of my pickup), he graciously allowed me to take his photo as well.  They say, and I don’t know who “they” are and whether “they” are correct or not, that there is one black sheep for every 100 sheep in a herd.  You count the black sheep, times it by 100 and you know how many you have.  Easy peasy.



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5 responses to “Have you any wool?

  1. I think the farmer adds alot to this shot. It is a nice candid moment you got of him hard at work with the sheep in the background.

  2. Elizabeth

    I like the farmer as well.

    but what if you don’t have any black sheep? Does that mean you have a herd with less than 100?

  3. I think if you don’t have any black sheep you have to count them one at a time. That’d probably put you to sleep! I didn’t see any black sheep in this herd, but there had to have been a couple hundred at least.

  4. Does the same math apply to your own family? I think it might be a whole lot less then 100/per. 🙂

  5. Interesting fact about black sheep. Very cleaver of farmers to implement such a strategy for counting sheep.

    But what if the white sheep are sneaking or get eaten by a wild animal who does the back sheep account for that. Sorry I am being difficult… aren’t I?