Is it morning yet?

Poor little guy…I woke up Buster (unintentionally) to take his picture while he was napping a few evenings ago.  He looked so peaceful with his head on the arm of the couch, while the rest of him was on a pillow, which he needed, of course, to reach the arm of the couch.  Have I mentioned he snores?  Yeah, he snores like a runaway freight train.  Like a buzz saw.  Like a fat lady who’s had too much to drink.  Like a…



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3 responses to “Is it morning yet?

  1. Boy does he look tired!

  2. Elizabeth

    sleepy puppies are so sweet

    Atlas snores too. My dad snores, so it makes me feel like Atlas is really “part of the family”, LOL

  3. He doesn’t look impressed with having his photo taken. It is like he is saying “do you mind, I’m trying to sleep here”