It’s a ball, Buster

Buster loves playing catch.  He’d play catch 24/7 if I was up for it.   Buddy USED to like playing catch, but he seldom gets to the ball before Buster, unless I throw it just right and still Buster usually beats him to it.  If Buddy does gets the ball before Buster, we have a hard time getting it back. I’ve been using two balls lately and that has helped, but they both usually want the SAME ball!  What is up with that?



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5 responses to “It’s a ball, Buster

  1. Very nice close-up shot of the pooch. Nicely framed too, priceless expression!

  2. Look at intense his eyes are!

  3. Elizabeth

    he is so focused! I love this shot!

  4. Cool shot. You wont lose that ball in a hurry!!

    Dogs and kids, I wonder what the difference is sometimes. Seems they alway want what the other has.