The view from my town

This is the view just south of my town, which gives you a good idea of the shrub steppe terrain.  This is also two photos that I stitched together, so it doesn’t look all that great, but to only give you one photo or the other, doesn’t really do justice to the view.  I did take out a row of utility poles that runs along the side of the canal in the middle of the photo, so I couldn’t get a seamless stitch.  Anyway, here you have it.  Tomorrow I’ll post just the right side photo.



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4 responses to “The view from my town

  1. Elizabeth

    it looks seamless to me. I like the view.

  2. I would have never known if you hadn’t said. The view looks very remote but intriguing.

  3. Very nice panoramic shot! Looks like a good job stitching to me!