When I see birches…

Birches are one of my favorite trees.  I have two in the back corner of my yard by the fence, under which Buddy likes to dig holes so he can go play with the neighbor’s two dogs.  A fellow photo blogger, Elizabeth, posted a picture of some birches the other day – click here .  I had commented on her post that I had just been out in the yard filling in the latest hole that Buddy dug under the trees .  As I was filling in the hole I was looking at the birch bark, thinking I needed to go back inside for my camera to capture the tree trunk.  I forgot to do that. I also said that now it is going to look like I’m copying her if I post something similar.  So, while I was out taking photos of the trunk, I was very cognizant of how I was composing the shot to make sure it was different from Elizabeth’s.  I think I succeeded.



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9 responses to “When I see birches…

  1. Kym

    I popped over from Elizabeth’s blog and this is just as beautiful with a completely different view. Just lovely!

  2. Now that is wicked cool.

  3. Elizabeth

    you did! now that is a neat angle!

  4. Oh wow… I love the heavy DOF here! Nicely applied on the foreground as well as the background. Well done!

  5. Yes you succeeded, This is very pretty with it gold leaves. My Birch tree is all nice and green at the moment with is nice as it has been bare all winter here.

  6. Thanks, everyone!! 🙂

  7. Wow really nice! Love how the leaves are out of focus but you can still see the golden colors.

  8. great POV. nice details and lovely autumn tones.